Pool Paving Boca Raton can be tricky business. While everyone loves a good pool, it can be a hassle to maintain and a danger if the surrounding areas are not done properly. The key here is the material as they can play a huge role in both appearance and pleasantness.


Materials not to use:

Ceramic tiles are a big no-no. Slippery when wet and easy to cut your feet on, pool paving Boca Raton should never be done with ceramic tiles. Another danger is that if they are not of a certain quality, they can shatter easily. Due to this, they pose a risk of cutting yourself on the edges when near it as long as they are not covered.


Other materials to avoid are UNTREATED woods as they rot very easily. They need a lot of maintenance due to this and can be quite costly to maintain. As such, it is best to avoid untreated and tested woods.


Other materials such as seashells or uneven objects should be used sparingly if not at all. As many people do walk barefoot around these areas it can pose a safety risk. By general rule, Pool Paving Boca Raton should not have any uneven or sloped areas. These areas can lead to falls, cuts or even injury due to a misstep or fall.


While many people like decorating their poolside and the areas around it, you need to be careful. Use the wrong material or decoration and ouch, there you fall. Cuts, bruises, broken bones, and even deaths have occurred due to making the appearance the key. While it is important, it is not the most important. Effective usage of materials is key to prevent injury and pain and it is imperative to keep that in mind.

Materials we recommend

Flat and even stone is often used for pool paving Boca Raton as both decoration and walkway. Held in place by concrete, the stone is naturally more slip resistant and is extremely hard to break. This means that there is very little maintenance needed and once it is set in place it’s not moving.


Clay tiles are another one that can be quite an addition. They are more durable than ceramic and less likely to crack and cheaper to replace. Make sure, however, that you use a pool approved tile as they are made to be slip-proof. They also do not heat up as extremely as other materials like stone.


Treated woods are easily the most aesthetically pleasing of the bunch. They usually made slip resistant, hard to damage and cheap for their effectiveness. They also heat up the least and make for an excellent poolside addition. Treated wooden rarely splinters and isn’t as bad to fall on should one slip. As such, it is the best all-round poolside material to use when Pool Paving Boca Raton.


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