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boca raton pavers garden moss paving

Understanding Pavers and How to Maximize Your Paver Options With Boca Raton Pavers

Installing pavers is a great way to add an eye-catching look to any outdoor space. A paver can definitely be a great addition to any yard or landscape. Pavers can survive heavy traffic while maintenance or upkeep can be kept very minimal if one knows how to properly maintain one. This is where Boca Raton Pavers are experts at helping you choose the right paver.

It comes in a wide variety of materials, shapes, and colors you can choose from to make your space as unique as you. Installing pavers correctly requires planning, patience, and a lot of elbow grease if you plan to do it yourself.

However, inexperience and incorrect implementation may result in costly mistakes and dissatisfaction. You can save yourself a ton of a headache by letting a professional paver installation Boca Raton Pavers handles it for you at an amazing & affordable rate.


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What Is A Paver?

You may not be aware but pavers are what a lot of people incorrectly call a “brick”. The main difference actually lies in where it is applied. A brick is the actual unit applied in vertical masonry while a paver is used in horizontal flatwork.

Types of Pavers
  • Concrete pavers are very popular and you can see them in most gardens or yards. They are mainly made from concrete mixes with touches of multiple dyes to achieve a smeared look using varied color tones. The shapes are made in several varieties ranging from tradition 4”x8” units to multi-sized, irregular-edged, random patterned, and faux stone units. Concrete pavers can also be segmented into two categories. Non-tumbled provides a modern and much sharper look while the tumbled look is classic cobbled look, giving it a rustic old-world fee.
  • Clay pavers are an old type of pavers. The color can usually be monochromatic in all units all the way. If you want to achieve a mottled look, this can be done by mixing different tinted units in a pattern.
  • A natural stone paver is another one that is high in demand. Limestone, granite, and bluestone tumbled and cut pavers are just a few. Granite pavers are commonly oversized and can be seen in driveways and edgings. Bluestone and limestone pavers are used for all hardscape surfaces, however, if they are used for driveways, one must ensure that they are thick enough to handle the heavy weight of vehicles.

Speak with one of our specialists at Boca Raton Pavers for assistance in selecting the best paver for your needs.

6 Basic Pointers To Consider When Planning Your Hardscape Features:

Driveway Paving
Do you have space allocation for guest parking? Does water drain across your driveway?
Walkway Paving
Is your walkway wide enough and safe?
Patios And Deck Paving
Do you want a dynamic shape design? When do patterns become too “busy”?
Drainage Mitigation
Another highlight is comprehensive drainage mitigation to avoid flooding. This is a common mistake when trying to do a “do-it-yourself” hardscape.
Pool Paving
What materials to use for textured or non-slip pavement options?
Water Features
What are your winter considerations when it comes to water feature elements in your landscape? Is the setup “winter-proof?”

How much do pavers cost and what is the downside?

Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers do come in a great price point and are very versatile. They are much more affordable if you want to achieve that “natural stone walkway” look than using actual materials which can also damage the environment through quarrying practices. 

However, there is a downside to this. The pavers lose their color and eventually fade through time. The weathering is natural due to the cement wearing away to reveal the concrete aggregates in its mixture. The once flat elegant paver can look like an exposed aggregate paver due to natural weathering.

The good news though, is that help is just a call away via Boca Raton Pavers, Florida. A professional assessment can be provided anytime, so you can always enjoy your magnificent pavers without breaking a sweat.

Clay Pavers

The price point for clay pavers is usually around the same as mid-range concrete pavers though there is a long-thought notion that clay pavers are expensive. There is a couple of downsides to clay pavers, however. They are commonly limited to having shades of red hues ranging from light peach to dark plum. Sizes limitation can be a problem too since they are typically only available in traditional 4”x8” units. If you are aiming for a more random look, then clay pavers are not what you need. 

What’s great about clay pavers though, is that the weathering can work in your favor unlike in concrete pavers. Weathering helps to enhance the look of clay pavers and gives them a timeless appeal. It gives off an antique vibe which makes it a good addition to old houses.  You can always ask paver installation Boca Raton Pavers for this option if you would love the rustic traditional look. 

Natural Stone Pavers

Natural stone pavers are usually a bit pricier than the 2 aforementioned options since these are harder to find. 

Hardscape preferences should be made available to you and not be limited to a contractor’s inexperience with the different paver materials to choose from. Find contractors who can help you achieve your hardscape goals and is willing to provide options and not limitations. You can check out the best Boca Raton Pavers, Florida by sending us a message or dialing our numbers. Hardscapes are the vertical elements or flatwork in the landscape usually composed of pavers, stones, concrete, and even bricks to a certain extent. They are considered the skeletal system in your landscape.


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