From beachside homes to standard housing, we here at Boca Raton Pavers have been doing deck and patio paving within Boca Raton without hassle or flaw. From simple patios adding a movie feel to family homes to stunning decks for BBQ and business, our team of experts are experienced in every possible way to bring you, as our customer, the most satisfaction and pride in every project we undertake. As such, we’ve compiled a list of things to consider while planning a new deck or patio paving in Boca Raton.

Undercover or Open Air:

Although the choice might seem simple, the results of your deck or patio may vary considerably based on your choice. An open-air patio, for example, may limit flooring options based on your budget, as tiles and wood may become slippery due to rain or gather mold easier than other options. Undercover is usually preferred by the majority of customers for the added benefit of rain protection but for enclosed gardens, open-air can also be a good idea (especially for the poolside).

Business or Addition:

If you’re a self-employed businessman and hope to use the patio or deck for meetings and to make an impression, chances are you’ll want something completely different to homeowners looking for a simple yet fun addition to their home. From material to layout to tiling and even scenery, based on your ideal usage, the deck and patio paving (Boca Raton) may drastically change in cost and build time.


Like any construction project, the materials used have both ups and downs, affecting the functionality, personality and longevity of any potential project. Wood, for example, is a cheaper, more homely option in comparison to stone, yet can require maintenance while stone may require excavation to be utilized efficiently. While personal preference does play a role in choosing the material, it is important to consult an expert to get a proper understanding of what will work and what won’t.