The best Driveway pavers available

Driveways are a staple part of any home. From mansions to suburbs, a driveway acts not only as an aesthetic addition to your home but as a welcome mat. As one of the most common types of paving jobs done, there is a huge variety of paving choices available to choose from. From size, texture, color, and style, there’s an option available to even the most strict of customers. When working with Pavers Boca Raton for a driveway paving Boca Raton FL, you are guaranteed a excellent result every time.

Now to get started, there are many materials used in driveway pavings. Here at Pavers Boca Raton, we use a variety of materials based on our clients’ needs. Besides that, we’re also specialized in several different types of driveway paving styles and techniques. Here are a few -but not all- of our options:

Concrete Driveway Paving

The most cost-effective and versatile option we have available, this option comes in a wide variety of options. The price range is also quite vast, meaning it’s an excellent option for both those on a tight budget and those who have a bit extra to spend. From differing styles, sizes and colors and even material mixtures, the combinations available are endless. More durable than poured concrete and less likely to crack, Pavers Boca Raton cannot praise and recommend concrete driveway pavings enough.

Clay Driveway Paving

Living near the coast or near a large body of salty water? Then this monochromatic beauty is for you! Favored in the above areas for its natural salt-resistant nature and reaction to wearing, its the perfect option for those in wet and salty regions. While they do come in a variety of colors, they are most often found and used in varying shades of red. Like wine or cheese, clay paving actually gets better the more it ages. Slip-resistant, its the most popular option next to concrete pavings for driveways. 

Large Format Driveway Paving

Recommended for flat driveways or those with a little slope. It comes in a limited choice option as few manufacturers make it in large formats.

Commercial Driveway Paving

Extremely durable and known as the longest lasting paver available. It is easy to maintain.