Pavers Boca Raton offers professional design, installation, and maintenance of all landscaping, irrigation, lighting, pavers, walls, ponds, springs, and fireplaces and kitchens.

Pavers Boca Raton is at the forefront of the installation of paving stones. We like what we do, strive for excellence and guarantee our work from the ground up.

Pavers Boca Raton believes that we will continue to be a dynamic leader in an expanding industry. We became aware of the superiority of a segment paving and continue to require the overwhelming approval of our customers.

Pavers Boca Raton would like to provide you with a list of projects to determine whether you’re excited about a paved stone driveway, a walkway or the front porch.

There are a number of routes that you can go if you choose a paver application. Overlay, remove and replace from scratch. The removal and replacement is our most common application.

Pavers Boca Raton Replacement Installation!

Our standard removal and replacement installation process start with the demolition of the existing surface. The hardscape (concrete/stone/ pavers) will first be removed. A further 4″-6 “will be excavated, creating an 8” -10 “paver system.

We build up the area by using a stabilized and compacted base material, before applying a small amount of sand to the pavers. There will be an outside edge restraint that helps to keep everything intact. This edge restraint is concrete in it.

After the pavers are laid, the joints are filled with polymer sand. Polymeric sand looks coarse and helps prevent weed growth and sand loss and joint erosion.

Pavers may be a bigger front end investment. We are building a long-lasting system that will last many years.

If you want a truly remarkable courtyard, we urge you to contact Pavers Boca Raton today. With our experience in designing various patios and other materials, you and your guests or family can be assured of an extraordinary patio to enjoy. You will certainly appreciate the level of attention we give to this outdoor living room.