Do it with the best

Investing in a patio or deck is never a bad idea. Bringing the home movie feel home, it is a wonderful addition in both an atmospheric and business sense. Having one can drastically increase your property value and the memories that can be made there is nothing short of priceless. Here at Pavers Boca Raton, we are dedicated to providing our customers the best in patio and deck paving Boca Raton has to offer. Work with Pavers Boca Raton and never regret your decision!

Need help deciding between a deck or patio paving? Here’s a list of some pros and cons to help you decide for yourself. Still on the ropes? Contact us today with any questions and we here at Pavers Boca Raton will be happy to help.

Paving Pros 

  • Cheaper in the long run due to low maintenance and easily customized once installed, it is a cost easy decision when looking at it in the long run.
  • Very little maintenance required.
  • Repairs are cheap and quick.
  • More variety in installing than decks, with pavings Boca Raton coming in an assortment of styles, sizes, colors, and shapes.
  • Slip and rot resistant.

Paving Cons

  • Can be hard to install based on your area and ground makeup.
  • It’s best when done on flat land.
  • May require excavation.
  • Pending project size, it may be more costly and time-consuming for installation.

Deck Pros

  • Usable on both flat and sloped terrain.
  • Materials are easily obtained and can be cheaper than patios.
  • Wood can be treated to obtain specific aesthetic styles or atmospheric appeal.
  • Slip-resistant and cooler during the hotter times of the year, with overhead covering an easy addition to add.

Deck Cons

  • Wooden materials may need to be treated to prevent rotting, increase strength and water resistance. 
  • Maintenance is a must due to the woods natural risk of rot and decay. It is important to schedule structural checks every few years.
  • There may be weight limitations to prevent both injury and damage.