Looking for a driveway paving installer?

Well, look no further! Driveways are a key part of any homes. From businesses to suburb homes, every single one has and should have a driveway. As a premier paving installation company, Pavers Boca Raton has done its fair share of driveway pavers installation. A small addition in some peoples eyes but it can bring a new life to an older home. When working with Pavers Boca Raton, be guaranteed excellence in every minute of our work.

Pavers Boca Raton is confident in its skills and experience. As such, here are some of the jobs we are often asked to do. We work within our customer’s parameters and wants, however, so this is just a small taste of our options available.

Concrete Driveway Pavers

Cost-effective and versatile, this is the most popular paving option by far. Coming in a wide variety of options and styles, it has something for everyone. With a wide price range, its a flexible and reliable option for those on a budget and those without one. From differing styles, sizes and colors and even material mixtures, the combinations available are endless. More durable than poured concrete and less likely to crack, Pavers Boca Raton cannot praise and recommend concrete driveway pavings enough.

Clay Driveway Pavers

This monochromatic beauty is for you if you live near or around the coast or salty bodies of water, a Pavers Boca Raton recommendation! Favored for its high salt-resistant nature and aging, its the perfect option for those in and around wet, salty regions. While they do come in a variety of colors, they are most often found and used in varying shades of red. Clay paving, unlike other options, actually gets better the more it ages. Slip-resistant, its the most popular option next to concrete pavings for driveways. 

Large Format Driveway Pavers

Recommended for flat driveways or those with a little slope. It comes in a limited choice option as few manufacturers make it in large formats. We here at Pavers Boca Raton offer it to all interested parties.

Commercial Driveway Pavers

Extremely durable and known as the longest lasting paver available. It is easy to maintain.