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We at Driveway Pavers Boca Raton works with many homeowners to assist them plan and plan their hard work. When it comes to installing projects using patio pavers. We are often asked if the work should be scheduled for a certain time of the year.

The common misunderstanding that warmer weather is necessary in order to give the morter healing time is no longer the case. The interlocking of cement pavers requires no mortar thanks to contemporary production techniques and can consequently be installed throughout the year.

Because of this common misunderstanding, winter in the paver industry is actually the slow season. This means that you can often find great deals because companies want to keep their crews busy throughout the year. Great deals are only one advantage of planning your project off-season. Additional advantages include: convenience-Hardscaping is a chaotic method regardless when you install it.

You will have to have the site excavated and ready and in the cooler months you are less likely to use your outdoor space. The rain also comes in the spring and can render installation even more muddy and messy. By scheduling your first warm spring days in the cool winter months, you will be prepared to enjoy your new outdoor living area.

We love summer days

During the summer, professionals get busy. By planning during the off-season, your project will be finished faster. This can even provide you with cost savings, because installation is often the most costly part of the process and because contractors are not overwhelmed by other customers. You will benefit from better service.

You can take the time to improve and enhance your landscape by getting your project finished before the spring season without the danger of harm during building. If you have a fireplace or a fireplace in your landscaping project, please enjoy it during the cool crisp spring evenings!

If your hardcape project involves concrete or morter, you may have to prepare for cold snaps or rain to allow the required time to cure properly, but often just a few day delay. In the final analysis. Winter can be the perfect time to plan and finish your difficult project.

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