brick pavers Boca Raton are placed on a sand bed above a compact sub-base. Then they brush dry sand on the joints. This system gives you individual expansion joints around each paver so that you have a stable FREE OF CRACKS surface unlike poured concrete. If any underground work is required, extracting and resetting the affected area would bring it back to new! No ugly spots sticking out like a sore thumb, the ground remains unscarred! You will soon realize that paving with Concrete Brick Pavers is far beyond any other paving system.

brick pavers Boca Raton

Paverock offers skilled design, installation and maintenance for all phases of landscaping, drainage, lighting, pavers, walls, lakes, waterfalls, fountains, and kitchens and fireplaces. 

Paverock is at the top of paving stone construction. We are still looking for perfection and from the ground up guaranteeing our jobs. We believe that as people become aware of a segmental pavement’s dominance and as we continue to demand our customers ‘ overwhelming acceptance of our services, Paverock will remain a profitable leader in a growing industry. Or click here to request online a free estimate.


You won’t find any corner cutting with our paver services. Our business is accredited and we are dedicated to performance pavers development and construction. Very often, multiple night fly firms are incorrectly installing interlocking brick pavers, and homeowners face neglected sections and each year are forced to repair their driveways and walkways.

 With our installation process, we excavate your site to create a solid base before laying your brick pavers. We carry a few tons of crushed granite, depending on the size of your venture, and your base material is continuously compacted to form a solid foundation for your pavers. Next we’ll set up a new grade to allow proper water runoff, install if necessary French drainage, and curb the concrete level if added. 

It provides you with a solid foundation for building your brick paver and helps us remove any trees, rocks and other hazards that might cause you problems later down the road.