The 100 mm heavy-duty Boca ration pavers is suitable for storage facilities, distribution centers and loading docks at coastal ports. No more broken asphalt car parks or parking areas. U-Bahn repairs are simple and pavers can be reinstalled, saving cost of repair. The Bedrock Industries permeable paver is manufactured with a rating that is two parts.

The Permeable Paver offers 10.6 percent storage for water absorption at a rate of 7″-8 “per hour, depending upon the correct system.

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This appropriate paver is available in standard gray and customized body colours. These pavers can be designed to save construction time and costs.

Do not be fooled by Boca Raton Brick Pavers, Inc.’s terms. We are Boca Raton Brick Pavers Inc., the first family-owned and operated company from 2001, which has more than 25 years of experience in the paver construction industry.

Our ability to provide products and services of the highest quality has built a robust network of references. Our customers ‘ satisfaction is key!

Boca Raton Brick Pavers, Inc. hires only skilled, qualified installers with little consideration. Every work is handled with care.

Provide our clients with the best picture of the whole venture from start to finish.  Whether you are a houseowner, interior designer, designer, architect, developer or landscape designer, you can find the products and services required for your brick paver plan.  StoneCraft Pavers are packed by qualified craftsmen with a large variety of sizes, finishes and colours.

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The company owns the developers and engages in daily business operations. Our management team collectively has over 30 years of challenge and building experience.

This expertise and technical knowledge serves two main objectives: to work with our customers to create a beautiful design which meets all their requirements and is in line with their budget. No plan is too small or too large.

Exceed our customers ‘ needs every time!

70 percent of our business comes from customer references.

Obtain the best decorative concrete pavers, clay pavers and permeable pavers to give modern looks or antique charm to the future paving plan. Disponible in 60 mm, 30 mm and pool colours.